UX Writing Checklist - A Notion Template

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🧐 Don't know if your writing is "good enough" to help provide a good user or customer experience?

Get clarity on how well your writing meets the most essential criteria for good UX. This interactive Notion template allows you to "score" each piece of content against the following criteria:

  1. Is the goal of your copy clear?
  2. Is the language simple enough?
  3. Is the copy as short as it can be?
  4. Are you using human language?
  5. Are the words chosen inclusive of all?
  6. Did you take a moment to consider accessibility issues?

➡️ This Notion template encourages you to consider each of these elements. You answer a few question and get an overall score which allows you to know which elements needs more work, and which piece of content should be prioritised for improvement.

💻 Upgrade #1 - UX-Ify Your Copy Workshop

This is a workshop that takes you through a checklist and shows you how to evaluate each of the criteria. It includes examples as well as a Q&A session in which copywriters asked me all their UX editing questions.

📕 Upgrade #2 - Workshop & UX Writing Basics Book

As well as getting access to the workshop, you'll get a copy of my first book, UX Writing Basics. In this book, the 6 evaluation criteria are explained in even more detailed, with tips & tricks on how to change your copy for better results.

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🧐 If you have questions, requests or problems related to the template, send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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With this Notion template, you'll get

🔗 A link to duplicate the UX writing checklist
📹 A video demo that explain how it works, and how each criteria is set up
📝 Detailed instructions on how to use the template
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UX Writing Checklist - A Notion Template

4 ratings
I want this!