Dinner Sorted! Meal Planner - Notion Template


Get a week's worth of dinners planned in less than 2 minutes!

With this Notion template, you'll learn how to plan your meals so that you slowly get ahead and build up a bank of meals stored in your freezer or in your cupboards.

🥘 Each week, you'll double down and you'll cook two big batch meals so that you can eat one when it's made fresh, and keep the other in the freezer for another week.

🥶 You'll also plan to have two meals that either use dry cupboard ingredients that have a long shelf life, or things in your freezer (including the big batch meals you might already have ready to eat).

🥡 That leave only three easy peasy dinners to cook fresh (or not at all). Easy peasy dinners are meant to take very little time, and can even be as simple as choosing to eat leftovers or treating yourself to a meal out.

When it's time to plan next week's food, simply press the reset button and you're ready for a new week, with your most recent freezer and cupboard meals ready to be used.

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Dinner Sorted! Meal Planner - Notion Template

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